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Saturday, September 5, 2009

korean drama - He who can't marry

kisah menarik seorg arkitek berjaya (mr jo) tetapi tak ready utk mengadakan relationship dgn wanita. meskipun telah masuk umur 40 thn, dia belum berjaya temukan seorg wanita yg sesuai utknya. perwatakan peliknya yg suka hidup keseorgn menyebabkan wanita sukar memahami dirinya.

tetapi... ada seorg doktor perempuan (mun jeong) yg juga hampir masuk umur 40 thn. boleh dikatakan doktor favourite mr jo yg kerap mengalami masalah perut.

ibu mr jo kenal ayah mun jeong secara tak sengaja di hospital. mereka kemudiannya merancang utk satukan mereka berdua. ibu mr jo tak mau mati dulu sblm dia lihat anak sulungnya, mr jo kahwin sedangkan adik mr jo tlah pun kahwin lama dah. ibunya tak mau jalani operation lutut kalau mr jo & mun jeong tak pergi ke vacation yg tlah dirancangkan utk mereka berdua (dating).

hubungan mereka kian mesra walupun sedikit-sedikit. al-maklumlah dah terlajak umur. takde la bercinta mcm org 20-an.

persoalannya.. adakah ibu mr jo & ayah mun jeong berjaya dlm misi mereka : menjadi besan & melihat anak mereka yg dah andartu dan bujang lapuk ini bersatu ???

saksikan sambungannya di KBSworld channel 303 astro, isnin & selasa 9.00pm - 10.15pm

***amaran : tidak digalakkan menonton utk usia 15thn ke bwh.

KBS2 new drama, “He who can’t marry” (official title by KBS World) welcomes the new comical couple, Uhm Jung Hwa and Ji Jin Hee. The shooting location held in Changdeok palace, Seoul, on May 19, the two of them met accidentally. Seems like they’re bickering about something, and with such an angry tone, Mun Jeong (Uhm Jung Hwa) held her tears in front of Jae Hee (Ji Jin Hee).

People around the shooting area mentioned that Uhm Jung Hwa, even though the two of them are supposed to be mad at each other, it turned out to be a fun, comical scene. The staff said, “Even though we’re seeing the furious Mun Jeong, we can’t help but to laugh. It wasn’t on purpose, but she has that comical look on her face, as well as Ji Jin Hee.”
During the shooting, Uhm Jung Hwa said, “Jae Hee is supposed to be this calm and quiet, reserved guy, so I can’t help not to laugh when we’re bickering…” (laughs) then she continued, “I get to work hard to be in this ‘fight’ scene with Jae Hee, but I try not to worry so much about the outcome.”

Actor Ji Jin Hee meets the adorable little ’soulmate’ Sanggu

Jae Hee (Ji Jin Hee) seems to be the only one who can understands his neighbor’s (played by Kim So Eun) little pet, Sanggu, which is the chihuahua above. In the Japanese version, the dog “Ken-chan” is a pit bulldog, a very cute one. And Abe Hiroshi has that ability to make it believable that he can actually understand Ken-chan through his little puppy eyes. Here, in this Korean version, Ji Jin Hee will show just how good he can communicate with the chihuahua, “Sanggu”. Meanwhile, Sanggu’s cute owner, Yu Jin (Kim So Eun), and Jae Hee will become next-door neighbors. That is how they’re supposed to meet.
According to the production company rep, “I love the original Ken-chan in the Japanese version, so I feel that it’s important to cast the right dog for Kim So Eun’s character. But as we’re trying to keep the original while inserting some of our stories in it, we’re trying to keep it as close as possible to the original dog.”


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